The Role of Leadership in Building a Gender Balanced Culture

Turning challenges into sources of strength.

Resilient individuals aren’t the ones who never fail; they’re the ones who use failure as fuel to thrive. Given the rapid pace of change and disruption in the modern world, we expect that organizations and employees will experience more challenges over time than ever before. Organizations that wish to turn challenges into sources of strength will need to focus on developing resilience.

It’s not enough to acknowledge the need for resilience –organizations and employees need a roadmap. To help build that map, AchieveForum carried out a survey of over 370 employees on resilient behaviors, employee engagement, and characteristics of team health. We looked at which behaviors respondents are exhibiting in the workplace, as well as areas that need improvement.

We learned that companies can improve their results by moving beyond traditional practices and fostering resilient organizations. In particular, we recommend three shifts for organizations to become more resilient:

  • Adopt a team-centric approach
  • Dynamically establish clarity
  • Leverage stress to address the root causes of organizational challenges

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Gender pay gap? Focus on developing inclusive leadership skills

The face of global business is male, with 90% of the world’s board seats belonging to men. This lack of gender equity in business is driven by a number of factors, many of them deeply entrenched in a patriarchal structure of society. We know changing this matters - to individuals, teams, organisations. Gender equity and wider diversity increasingly matters to investors and shareholders, and of course, ultimately, this matters to society. Countless studies tell us that 'diversity of thought' breeds innovation, growth and profitability, all of which are on organisations' strategic agendas.

So how can we shift the needle - and whose job is it to do so anyway? Empower your leaders, managers and individual contributors to be part of the change and ensure your Diversity & Inclusion specialists work in partnership with your L&D practitioners.

Start viewing this as a leadership issue and develop interventions that are underpinned by 3 key principles:

  • Engage everyone in the solution - not just women
  • Adopt a team-based approach to drive sustained culture change
  • Hold yourselves accountable - top down and bottom up

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Bring gender balance into your leadership programmes

We are working with clients to weave inclusive leadership behaviours into development for all your managers and leaders. If you would like to see a sample of this learning journey, please ask us at [email protected].

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